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Lititz, PA (800) 414-4705
Richland, PA (888) 414-7518
Dayton, VA (800) 735-3584
Rockingham, VA (888) 242-6424
Seaford, DE (866) 670-4705
Kennedyville, MD (888) 269-0372
Outback Toys (888) 414-4705


If you need a haul, give us a call - B&H Carriers - Professional People, Supportive Service.


Our transportation unit specializes in hauling equipment of various dimensions and weight. We have lowboy trailers and rollback trailers with winches, outriggers, etc. and are not intimidated by oversize loads requiring permits and escorts. Call us for all your farm equipment transportation needs.


Call by phone at 717-625-7553 or toll free 800-414-4705.

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