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Lititz, PA (800) 414-4705
Richland, PA (888) 414-7518
Dayton, VA (800) 735-3584
Rockingham, VA (888) 242-6424
Seaford, DE (866) 670-4705
Kennedyville, MD (888) 269-0372
Outback Toys (888) 414-4705

Planter / Applicator Service

The team of technicians in our planter unit has been responsible for the assembly, accessorizing, predelivery, and startup of hundreds of planters in the Mid-Atlantic Region over the last twenty years. Their willingness to work with producers, to find the best possible planter configurations and solutions to planting issues has enabled the sales department to build on a solid foundation of experience.


Contact - (800) 414-4705 to schedule service for your planter or applicator!

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