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2017 CASE TR270 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE TR270 at
2017 CASE TR270 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE TR270 at
2017 CASE TR270 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE TR270 at
2017 CASE TR270 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE TR270 at
2017 CASE TR270 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE TR270 at

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Small in size and weight but big in power and performance, the Tier 4 Final CASE TR270 widens its lead in the industry. Ideal for landscaping and applications requiring light footprints, this workhorse delivers best-in-class torque, breakout force and auxiliary hydraulic flow.

Productivity- The rugged TR270 is landscaping’s little heavyweight, providing more strength to lift, move and simply do more per day. Equipped with new EZ-EH software and upgraded control handles, it’s a breeze to customize your control settings. Stay productive all day long with triple flange, lifetime sealed rollers which help prevent de-tracking on inclines. Optional high-flow (32.4 gpm) allows you to optimize your high-performance attachments.

Fuel Efficiency- Although small in size, the TR270 is powered by a strong Tier 4 Final CEGR engine, delivering an increase in power while meeting Tier 4 Final emissions regulations. The 19.5 gal fuel tank allows you to run all day without refueling.

Comfort and Visibility- Stay comfortable all day long in the nearly 3 ft wide cab. The cab is fully sealed and pressurized against noise, dirt and fumes. Plus, the cab-forward design provides best-in-class visibility with sight lines to bucket edges, curb lines and rearward.

Serviceability- All routine service points are conveniently located at the rear of the machine, allowing you to quickly access the engine, filters or fill points to properly maintain and extend the life of your CASE machine.

Standard Equipment:
Operator Comfort-
•ROPS/FOPS Level 1 canopy w/ side screens
•Keyed start ignition
•Rear window w/ emergency escape
•Suspension Seat, vinyl w/ 2 in (51 mm) retractable 3 point lap seat belt
•Hand and foot throttles
•Alarm package – back-up and horn
•Dome Light
•Top window
•Cup holder
•12V Power plug socket
•Foot rest
•Seat pocket
•Padded seat bar w/ integral armrests
•Loader control lockout system
•Electric parking brake control
•Operator’s compartment floor cleanout
•Proportional auxiliary hydraulic control – on joystick
•Advanced Instrument Cluster with digital hour meter, tachometer, fuel level LCD bar graph w/ alarm, diagnostic features and security lockout
•Warning lights with alarms: engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine malfunction, hydraulic charge pressure, hydraulic filter restriction
•Hydraulic oil temperature: critical system stop, engine system, hydraulic system, electrical system and diagnostic system
•Warning alarms: battery voltage – plus display, oil service
•Indicator light: engine preheat, parking brake, seat bar reminder

•2-speed hydrostatic four wheel drive
•SAHR disc parking brake

•FPT F5H FL463 A*F001
•207 CID (3.4 L) Turbo
•Tier 4 Final Certified
•Particulate Matter Catalyst
•High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection
•Horsepower: Gross: 74 hp (55 kW) | Net: 68 hp (51 kW)
•Peak torque 232 lb·ft (314 N·m)
•120 amp alternator
•Dual element air cleaner
•Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
•Anti-freeze solution to -34º F
•Fuel tank - 19.5 gal (U.S.)
•Over and under radiator and oil cooler
•3-stack after cooler/radiator/oil cooler configuration
•Glow plugs
•Integral engine oil cooler
•Fuel filter with water trap
•1,000 CCA 12V battery
•Master electrical disconnect

•Manual attachment coupler
•Radial lift geometry
•Loader lift arm support strut
•SAE operating load: 2,700 lbs
•Tipping load: 5,400 lbs

•Auxiliary hydraulics: @ 3,050 psi (210 bar) – 24.2 gpm (91.5 L/min)
•6 micron oil filtration system
•3-spool loader control valve
•Auxiliary hydraulic disconnects, ISO flat-face – connect-under-pressure with case drain
•Hydraulic circuit pedal lock
•Auxiliary function lockout override
•Loader lift lockout override
•Heavy-duty hydraulic oil cooler
•Loader arm float position
•Loader function lockout system
•Hydraulic one-way self-leveling
•Ride control

•HiQual S-Wave Tracks

Other Standard Features:
•Halogen lights - 2 front, 2 side, 2 rear flood
•Heavy duty front lights
•Pre-wired for rotating beacon
•Lockable service access hood
•Single-point daily servicing
•Rear tail lights
•Remote oil drain
•Remote oil and fuel filters
•Block heater
•Debris ingression sealing
•Mounting points for add-on counterweights


FPT F5H FL463 A*F001
Emissions Certification
Tier 4 Final
Diesel 4-stroke, Turbo, D.I.
3.9 x 4.3 in (99 x 110 mm)
207 in3 (3.4 L)
Fuel injection
Direct, high pressure common rail – HPCR
#2 Diesel
Fuel filter:
Pre-filter: Beta (30) = 200/spin-on | Main filter: Beta (4) = 20/spin-on
Air intake
Turbocharged w/ waste gate and external cooled EGR
Exhaust aftertreatment
Particulate Matter Catalyst – PM Catalyst
Engine speeds, RPM
High idle – no load: 2500 +/- 25 | Rated – full load: 2500 | Low idle: 1150 +/- 25
Horsepower @ 2500 RPM – SAE J1349:
Gross: 74 hp (55 kW) | Net: 68 hp (51 kW)
Peak torque @ 1400 RPM
232 lb·ft (314 N·m)
Radiator: Core type
All aluminum
Radiator: Core size area
2.77 ft2 (0.257 m2)
Radiator: Rows of tubes x columns
43 x 3
Radiator: Cap pressure
16 +/- 2 psi (1.10 +/- 0.14 bar)
Diameter: 20.4 in (518 mm) | Ratio: 0.96:1 standard, 1.1:1 high-flow
Water pump:
Style: Centrifugal | Flow: 29 gpm (110 L/min)
Engine lubrication pump:
Rotor pump w/ deep sump pan, plate cooler and pressurized under-piston nozzles
Pump operating angle ratings:
Side to side: 45° | Bucket up: 35° | Bucket Down: 45°


Lift Geometry
Radial Lift


Drive pump controls Servo-assist mechanical
Pump to engine ratio: 1:1 | Displacement: 2.81 in3 (46 cm3) | Flow @ rated engine RPM: @ 97% efficiency 29.4 gpm (111 L/min) | Charge pressure: 360 psi (24.5 bar) | System relief pressure: 5,220 psi (360 bar)
Drive pump controls Electro-hydraulic
Pump to engine ratio: 1:1 | Displacement: 2.75 in3 (45 cm3) | Flow @ rated engine RPM: @ 97% efficiency 28.8 gpm (109 L/min) | Charge pressure: 362 psi (24.5 bar) | System relief pressure: 5,220 psi (360 bar)
Drive motors: Max. displacement
3.10 in3 (50.9 cm3)
Displacement – optional:
High speed 2.02 in3 (33.1 cm3)
Motor RPM @ high idle and 97% efficiency:
Standard 1-speed: 103 | Optional 2-speed: 156
Motor torque @ max. displacement and relief pressure, calculated @ 5,220 psi (360 bar):
4,654 lb·ft (6 310 N·m)
Travel speed:
Low range: 5.1 mph (8.2 kph) | High range – optional: 7.6 mph (12.2 kph)
Final drive:
Planetary gearbox w/ 2-speed motor
Tractive effort
7,414 lb (3 370 kg)
Parking brake:
Spring-applied, hydraulic release multiple disc.
Depress on/off brake button on handle or instrument panel, raise seat bar, get off seat or stop engine.


120 amp
4.29 hp (3.2 kW)
12-volt low-maintenance 925 cold-cranking amps @ 0° F (-18° C°)


Unit equipped w/ open cab; 165 lb operator; 72 in Dirt & Foundry bucket; full of fuel:
8,270 lb (3 750 kg)
Shipping weight
7,970 lb (3 615 kg)
Side cab glass
47 lb (21.3 kg)
Polycarbonate cab door
74 lb (33.6 kg)
Glass cab door w/ wiper
134 lb (60.8 kg)
Suspension seat
22 lb (10.0 kg)
Additional counterweight
140 lb (63.8 kg)


Implement pump type
Standard aux. : 2.23 in3 (36.6 cm3) | High-flow aux.: 0.76 in3 (12.5 cm3)
Standard flow @ rated engine RPM:
@ 100% efficiency 24.2 gpm (91.5 L/min)
Optional high-flow @ rated engine RPM:
@ 100% efficiency 32.4 gpm (122.6 L/min)
Loader control valve:
Type: 3 spool/open center/series - series | Relief pressure: 3,050 psi (210 bar)
Port relief pressures:
Loader raise: 3,263 psi (225 bar) | Bucket curl: 3,770 psi (260 bar) | Bucket dump: 1,160 psi (80 bar)
Hydraulic lines:
Tubing: 37° JIC Flare | Loop hoses: SAE 100 R19
Hydraulic oil cooler:
Number of fins: 10 per inch (3.94 per cm) | Number of tube rows x columns: 9 x 1 | Area: 136.5 in2 (880 cm2)
Hydraulic filter
Beta (4) = 75/spin-on