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2017 CASE SV300 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE SV300 at

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The CASE SV300 skid steer is the result of combining industry-leading tractive force and industry-leading breakout and horsepower. This vertical-lift machine is engineered for lift-and-carry and truck loading. With the use of SCR technology, the SV300 meets Tier 4 Final regulations without sacrificing strength to help increase productivity. And like all Alpha Series skid steers, it provides best-in-class serviceability.

• Tier 4 Final SCR solution delivers efficient power in a simple design that doesn’t require a diesel particulate filter.
• Best-in-class 360° visibility thanks to a cab-forward design, skylight, ultra-narrow wire side screens and large, rounded rear window.
• Best-in-class torque, breakout force and auxiliary flow to tackle demanding applications.
• Widest skid steer cab in the industry with optional upgraded climate control system and radio for year-round operator comfort.
• EZ-EH setup menu provides nine adjustable speed and control sensitivity settings to easily tailor the machine to the application or operator preference.
• Industry-exclusive detents in control handles provide the responsiveness of pilot controls with the convenience of electrohydraulic.
• Radial and vertical lift patterns (SR270 and SV300, respectively) let you choose the machine that best suits your needs.
• Standard remote jump-start is conveniently accessed by lifting the hood so that it’s easy to jump-start in the event of prolonged idle times.
• Standard heavy-duty rear door better protects engine components.
• CASE PowerStance wheelbase provides excellent curb clearance and greater stability so you can lift and carry larger loads.
• Large 25.5 gal (96.5 L) fuel tank allows loader to run all day without refueling.
• Industry-exclusive standard side lighting and heavy-duty front lights for greater all-around visibility while working at night or in dark locations.
• Standard Connect Under Pressure (CUP) manifolds for quick, tool-free auxiliary hydraulic connection and disconnection.
• Relocated battery now has its own side entry panel for easy access. (Not shown – access panel located on the operator's rear left panel.)

SCR Saves Fuel Without Compromising Power.
CASE chose an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Tier 4 Final solution to ensure these large-frame skids pack plenty of power. Because SCR is an after-treatment system, it lets the engine breathe easier and run at peak performance, which translates to maximum power, lower operating temperatures and greater fuel efficiency. Plus, SCR is simple. No new filters. Just pour a little DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and go.

Heavy-Duty Comes Standard.
The SR270 and SV300 come standard with the heavy-duty features you need to endure the rigors of work. Features such as a heavy-duty 950 CCA battery for reliable starts in cold weather, a heavy-duty rear door for added protection, heavy-duty front lights, side lighting, a block heater and even an easily accessible remote jump-start to get you back up and running quickly.

Best-in-Class Torque, Breakout and Auxiliary Flow.
The biggest skid steers in our lineup deserve the most power. That’s why the SR270 and SV300 both deliver best-in-class torque of 282 lb·ft (383 N·m) and breakout force of up to 8,776 lb. (39.0 kN)* to lift, dig and pry more. They also have the industry’s best standard aux. flow of 24.2 gpm (91.5 L/min) and high flow of 37.6 gpm (142.5 L/min) so you can power a wider range of attachments from rock saws to snow blowers.
*Max breakout of 8,776 lb. (39.0 kN) on SV300 and 8,677 lb. (38.6 kN) on SR270.

Maintenance Made Easy.
When you buy a CASE, you want it to last. We make it easy. That’s why on Alpha Series skid steer loaders, routine service points are all located at the rear of the machine, so you can quickly access the engine, filters, fill points and whatever you need to properly maintain and extend the life of the machine. On top of that, they also offer our famous easy-tilt cab for convenient access to the drivetrain compartment.

Best-in-Class 360° Visibility.
Thanks to a low door threshold, the industry’s thinnest side screens and a large rear window, you can easily see the attachment, tires and all around the machine.


Lift Configuration
FPT F5BFL413E*B002
Gross Horsepower –hp (kW)
90 (67)
Net Horsepower –hp (kW)
84 (63)
Peak Torque– lb ft (Nm)
282 (383)
Displacement/Cylinders–in³ (L)
207 (3.4)/4
Emissions Certification* Solutions
Tier 4 Final (SCR)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50%– lb (kg)
3,000 (1 360)
Tipping Load– lb (kg)
6,000 (2 722)
Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force–lb (kN)
8,776 (39.0)
Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min)
24.2 (91.5)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min)
37.6 (142.5)
Operating Weight – lb (kg)
8,655 (3 925)


Height to Bucket Hinge Pin
130 in. (3 302 mm)
Dump Height with Low-Profile Bucket**
100.6 in. (2 556 mm) @ 45°
Height to Top of ROPS
78.8 in. (2 002 mm)
Overall Length with Low-Profile Bucket
147.3 in. (3 743 mm)
Over-the-Tire Width with Spec. Tires
69.6 in. (1 768 mm)