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2017 MANITOU MT732 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MT732 at
2017 MANITOU MT732 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MT732 at
2017 MANITOU MT732 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MT732 at
2017 MANITOU MT732 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MT732 at
2017 MANITOU MT732 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MT732 at

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The MT732 Easy is a telehandler specially designed for the construction sector. Its low fuel consumption and affordable price are greatly appreciated by buyers and professionals wishing to invest in large quantities. Easy to use and maintain, it gives you the same lifting capacity and height as the MT732.

Its compact frame and ease of maneuvering, thanks to its three steering modes combined with 4-wheel drive, the JSM system and a mechanical gearbox, mean you can handle all sorts of situations with any type of ground conditions. Affordable, powerful and robust, this handler will quickly become a valued partner for all of your work sites.

Key Features

Rough Terrain
• Manitou's all-terrain machines have extra ground clearance to overcome any obstacles in their path (such as potholes or uneven pavement) and keep moving forward when faced with uneven ground conditions. Additionally the 4-wheel drive and large tires provide all the traction you need to move loads over soft or difficult terrain (such as mud, sand, grass, gravel, etc). Our engineers have developed equipment with optimized torque for significant tractive force while maintaining an excellent weight/power ratio, balanced weight distribution for each axle and low ground pressure.

• Manitou has a strong tradition of developing machines that can handle multiple tasks: one look at the specs sheet will tell you everything you need to know about how versatile our equipment truly is. And this mindset is even evident in our name, which comes from a combination of the French words 'manie' (handling) and 'tout' (everything). Ever since Marcel Braud invented the all-terrain masted forklift truck, Manitou has been able to develop more uses for its machines by simply taking a base machine and adding an attachment to the mast or telescopic boom. The same basic principle applies to our work platforms, mounted forklifts and stackers as well. We design them, you find new uses for them. Discover the full range of attachments available and compatible machines at Manitou.

• Compactness is a vital concept for some of the sectors we provide solutions for. If you have to deal with narrow aisles, areas with tight dimensions or low door thresholds, then the sizes of our machines will prove essential to you. And if storing the machine looks to be an issue, you can rest assured with its retracted dimensions. Manitou understands these things and is happy to offer specially developed equipment with maximum compactness both during operation and storage.

4 Wheel Drive & 3 Steering Modes
• All Manitou machines that come equipped with 4-wheel drive are true all-terrain vehicles. Combined with a generous ground clearance, they allow you to get out of all manner of sticky maneuvering situations and keep performance levels high.

Joystick Switch & Move (JSM)
• Manitou Joystick Switch & Move (JSM) controls are standard issue for the MLT, MT and MHT lines. This joystick means you can control the whole of boom movements and machine drive forward and backward movements with one hand, leaving you free to keep the other on the steering wheel at all times for improved efficiency. The joystick itself is easier to operate than traditional models, with your hand coming to rest on top.

• Handling equipment must be flexible in its movements and maneuverability, particularly when dealing with loads. Certain machines are designed to have the sharpest turning radius possible, power steering, smooth switching to reverse and a more compact size so this maneuverability remains, even when working in tight spaces.

Turning Radius
• Some Manitou machines come equipped with an optimized turning radius which translates to increased maneuverability within tight spaces, for easier movement down narrow aisles, smaller farm structures or building sites, to name but a few.

Easy to Use
• Our machines are designed bearing simplicity and particularly ease of use in mind. Whether you are just the buyer or buyer and user, you know exactly how important being able to quickly come to grips with a new machine, as on-site productivity waits for no man. With our machines you'll be on board and off in no time, even if you are a novice operator.

Easy to maintain
• Your time is important, so we ensure our machines are as easy as possible to maintain. Whether this is done by our technicians at a dealership or yourself, our machine designs help you save time when performing routine maintenance: checking levels and pressure, accessing filters and drain plugs, changing hoses and fuses, etc. Quick and easy access points and simple systems with user safety in mind mean you don't have to spend any more time than you need to and can get back to work.


Lifting height
7 m | 22'12"
Lifting capacity
3200 kg | 7054 lb
Drawbar pull
8000 dan | 17984 lbf
Breakout force
5770 dan | 12971 lbf
Moving speed
25 kmh | 15.53 mph
Lifting time (unladen)
6.8 s
Lowering time (unladen)
5.8 s
Boom extension time (unladen)
6.8 s
Boom retraction time (unladen)
4.7 s
3 s
2.9 s


Overall Length
4.76 m | 15'7"
2.34 m | 7'8"
2.3 m | 7'6"
Weight (unladen)
6780 kg | 14947 lb
Turning radius
3.8 m | 12'6"
Ground clearance
0.45 m | 1'6"

Engine / Battery

Engine brand
Engine type
Stage 3B TD 3.6 L
75 ch | 73.9 hp | 55.4 KW
Max. Torque @ Rotation
330 Nm @ tr/min
Total capacity
3621 cm3 | 220.9 in3
Transmission type
Torque converter


104 l/min
260 bars
Hydraulic oil tank volume
128 l | 33.8 gal

Other specifications

Standard tyres
Number of wheels (front/rear)
Number of drive wheels (front/rear)
Vibrations affecting hands/arms
2.50 m/s