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2017 MANITOU MTA6642

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Are you after a reliable, durable handler for your projects? Then the Manitou MT 6642 is exactly what you need. It's a simple, robust telehandler, capable of safely lifting and placing loads of up to 3 t.

With a lifting height of 12.8 m, this machine will quickly prove cost effective by clearing up sites faster and more safely than before. And with its incredible versatility thanks to the various compatible attachments available, you can easily handle all manner of loads: pallets, bulks, concrete, structures, materials and more!

Manitou's all-terrain machines have extra ground clearance to overcome any obstacles in their path (such as potholes or uneven pavement) and keep moving forward when faced with uneven ground conditions. Additionally the 4-wheel drive and large tyres provide all the traction you need to move loads over soft or difficult terrain (such as mud, sand, grass, gravel, etc.). Our engineers have developed equipment with optimized torque for significant tractive force while maintaining an excellent weight/power ratio, balanced weight distribution for each axle and low ground pressure.

Compactness is a vital concept for some of the sectors we provide solutions for. If you have to deal with narrow aisles, areas with tight dimensions or low door thresholds, then the sizes of our machines will prove essential to you. And if storing the machine looks to be an issue, you can rest assured with its retracted dimensions. Manitou understands these things and is happy to offer specially developed equipment with maximum compactness both during operation and storage.

Your time is important, so we ensure our machines are as easy as possible to maintain. Whether this is done by our technicians at a dealership or yourself, our machine designs help you save time when performing routine maintenance: checking levels and pressure, accessing filters and drain plugs, changing hoses and fuses, etc. Quick and easy access points and simple systems with user safety in mind mean you don't have to spend any more time than you need to and can get back to work.


Lifting Height
12.8 m | 41'12"
Lifting Capacity
3000 kg | 6600 lb
Moving Speed
30 kmh | 18.6 mph


Length (up to the back of the fork)
5.8 m | 19'0"
2.4 m | 7'10"
2.4 m | 7'10"
Weight (unladen)
10000 kg | 22000 lb
Turning radius
4.2 m | 13'9"
Ground Clearance
0.4 m | 1'4"


Engine Brand
Engine Type
Tier IV Final
118 ch | 120 hp | 86KW
Transmission Type


151 l/min
207 bars