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Are you after an all-terrain truck mounted forklift to use to load and unload lorries? The TMT 55 XT was designed by Manitou to make life easier for logistics professionals for those times when customers don't have a loading/unloading bay. It's particularly valuable when dealing with the construction sector, as you can even deliver materials at the end of an unpaved path.

Designed to last, the TMT 55 XT features robust components for ease of upkeep. Payload is kept at a minimum for maximum cost effectiveness. Extremely stable, you can load and unload lorries from a single side, which is quite handy when you have to park alongside a wall or on the side of the road.
Standard equipment
• Rain Cap
• Outside right rear-view mirror
• Certified driver guard
• Three-function FNR handling levers
• Boom with integrated side shift
• Battery Master Switch
• Stabilizer on front wheel arms
• Imitation leather seat
• Internal rear-view mirror
• Anti-slip step
• Right-hand side grill
• 3 drive wheels with hydrostatic transmission
• Wide handle
• Belt-linked engine cut-off
• Flashing Light

Optional equipment
• Personalized paintwork
• Extreme cold oil
• Load backrest
• Self-cleaning pre-filter
• Anti-puncture kit
• Reversing light
• Seat Belt 3"
• Load support rollers - Basic
• Load support rollers - Adjustable
• License plate quick change bracket and light
• Protection spoiler under frame
• Boom Wipers

Lift Capacity

Maximum Lift Capacity* (kg)
5500 lbs. (2495)
Capacity at Maximum Reach (kg)
3300 lbs. (1497)

Lift Height

Maximum Lift Height (mm)
135" (3429)
Maximum Forward Reach (mm)
58" (1473)


Kubota V 2403-M Interim Tier IV
Power @ 2700 rpm (kW)
49 hp (37)
Displacement (cm3)
148.5 (2433)
Maximum Torque @ 1450 rpm (Nm)
116 ft.lbs. (158)
Injection / Cooling
Indirect / Water


Hydrostatic, Hydraulic Reversing Shift
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr)
7 mph (11.2)


Pump Type
Gear Type, Flow Divider with Priority to Steering
Pressure (bar)
3600 psi (245)
Flow Rate (L/min.)
9.5 gpm (36)


Service Brake
Parking Brake
Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Release (SAHR)


Fork Length (mm)
48" (1219)
Fork Width x Thickness (mm)
4" (102) x 1.75" (44)
Maximum Distance Between Forks (mm)
42" (1067)
Carriage Rotation


Hydraulic Oil (L)
12 gal (45)
Fuel Tank (L)
8 gal (30)
Cooling System (L)
2 gal (8)


Weight – Without Forks (kg)
5820/5865 lbs. (2640/2660)
Turning Radius – Outside Wheels (mm)
108" (2743)
Overall Height (mm)
96.5" (2451)
Overall Width (mm)
101" (2565)
Overall Length – Without Forks (mm)
112" (2845)
Ground Clearance (mm)
10" (254)
Maximum Drawbar Pull (kN)
4800/5000 lbf. (21/22)


Front & Rear
31 x 15.5-15

General Comments

*Capacity measured at 24" load center, in front of wheels, with stabilizers down.
TMT SERIES MODEL DESIGNATION:XT - Extra Traction (high flotation tires,750 cc front and rear drive motors, larger hydrostatic pump)