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2017 CASE IH LB334R

2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at
2017 CASE IH LB334R at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH LB334R at

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The LB334 square balers were created to provide the utmost in speed, capacity and efficiency with a 32 x 35 in bale size.

The Case IH LB4 series large square balers are designed to provide more capacity, greater bale density, and greater efficiency than ever before. Make short work of the hay season.

More Style. More Substance.
The LB4 series large square baler isn’t just another pretty piece of equipment: it is designed from the ground up for long life and superior performance. On the outside, the unique curved shape allows it to shed crop debris. The baler width has been reduced by 2 feet to improve visibility to the rear and sides of the baler and takes up less space on the road and in the shed. Composite side panels are lighter, rust proof and fade resistant. And underneath that curvy red exterior is an amazing workhorse that has more capacity than its forerunners.

• Three stage opening assembly: easy ground level access to key service points and full visibility of gearbox for routine checks
• Ground level flywheel brake lever has to be in place before you can raise the shield
• New styling includes a newly designed service platform. Which features one level for easy access to key bale chamber service points and knotters
• The foldable ladder provides quick access to the platform and stores easily without being an obstacle.

Operator Visibility
• Narrow sleek design of the LB4 series balers increases operator visibility to the rear and sides of the baler for increased operator efficiency
• Curved shape allows for crop debris to fall off baler for less ingress of debris into knotter assembly and twine storage areas resulting in less operator maintenance and increased performance

One Piece Design
• One piece twine box panels utilize durable thermoform technology
• Composite shields: a one piece design with automotive seals for minimal debris in twine box and provides easy maintenance and less ingress of debris into twine and knotters
• Front gearbox shield: a composite shield using rotomold technology for lighter weight and durability.
• Choose from either a Single Piece Roller Chute or Two Piece Roller Chute

Drive Option
• Same proven design
• Upgraded primary and secondary drivelines
• Offering increased capacity
• Three-joint design and angle input shaft reinforced reducing vibrations resulting in better reliability and longer life

Higher Efficiency Flywheel
• Larger diameter high-inertia flywheel resulting in 48% more energy, smoother operation and increased fuel efficiency.
• Heavier duty components inside the gearbox provides durability and an increased strokes per minute from 42 to 48 as well as giving 20% more capacity

• Larger tire options provide improved flotation and a lighter footprint
• Choice of three axle configurations: Single, Steered Tandem and arge Steered Tandem

Pack it in. And Stack 'em High.
Match your baler to your tractor and then match your bales to your feed, shipping and storage needs. Case IH LB4 series large square balers form bales that stack perfectly and are denser, thanks to things like left and right steering sensors that you can observe through your AFS Pro 700 display and quickly and easily adjust for perfect bale formation. In addition, a removable floor liner adjusts to different crop types. Adjust to your specifications, whether you’re baling for your own livestock or running a commercial hay operation.

Matched Systems
• New suspended roller wind guard with feed-assist roller to efficiently move your crop into the pre-chamber.
• Pickup is matched to the width of the bale chamber, cutter and pre-compression chamber widths match also.
• Results: better capacity, more efficiency and, ultimately, better bale quality
• New heavy duty pickup reel handles varied crop types including corn stalks and other tough stubble.

The Perfect Finish
• Reduce the risk of twine breakage with drive shaft-driven double knotters
• Increase daily output of dense bales that can stand up to rough handling
• Our best-in-class double knotters have new improved shielding: repositioned fans to keep them clean as well as providing protection and efficient operations
• Two separate spools feed twine directly to the top and bottom of the bale
• Reaching the preset bale length engages the knotter system
• Twine moves around the bale as it is formed eliminating stress on knotter components and providing greater reliability to the system and tying cycles
• Dual bale chamber ejector tines offer complete bale clearance and works independently to remove the rearmost bale

Bale Size: 1,125, Weight: 16,975

Bale Size

Bale Width, in. (mm)
31.5 (800)
Bale Height, in. (mm)
35.4 (900)
Bale Length, in. (mm)
108 (2743)


Pickup working width, in. (mm)
77.5 (1968)
Outer tine-to-tine width, in. (mm)
70.9 (1800)
Number of Tines
56 double (112)
Tine Spacing, in. (mm)
2.6 (66)
Number of tine bars or tine rows
Gauge wheel size
Two 15x6.00-6 4PR

Cutter System

Cutter Knives
9 or 19 knives, 38 rotor teeth


Feeder Description
Rotor, 31.5" (800 mm), "W" tine
Stuffer Description
Fork, 4 tines


Punger Speed, Strokes/Minute
Plunger Stroke, in. (mm)
28 (710)

Main Drive

Drive Protection
Shearbolt, overrunning clutch & slip clutch


Knotter Type
Double knot
Number of Knotters
Twine Ball Storage, Quantity

Density Control

Density Control
3-way monitor control


Tire Size, Single Axle
600/55x22.5 up to 700/40 R22.5
Tire Size, Tandem Axle
550/45 R22.5 up to 620/50 R22.5

Baler Dimensions

Length w/bale chute extended, in (mm)
Length w/bale chute folded, in (mm)
296.6 (7533)
Baler width, in (mm)
101.1 (2568)
Height, single axle, in (mm)
126.9 (3223)
Height, tandem axle, in (mm)
126.9 (3223)

Weight (empty) w/Bale Ejector and Chute

Weight, single axle, lbs (kg)
20,061 (9100)
Weight, tandem axle, lbs (kg)
21,384 (9700)

Tractor Requirement

Tractor Power, hp (kW)
130 (97)
PTO Speed, rpm
Number of remote hydraulic valves