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This versatile unit offers multiple spreading attachments which are easily removed for stockpiling.
The S-100 and S-200 Attachments offer unprecedented spread quality resulting in better use of your valuable manure or byproduct.
A 36” Silage Extension Package is also available to make added use of your investment.

- The Swing Arm Style Tailgate also features a Bypass Valve for your protection. The apron will not operate until the tailgate is in the fully open position. This feature protects your spreader and limits the
hydraulic outlet requirements on your tractor!
- This Belting Deflector is standard equipment with the swing arm tailgate. It reduces kickback of rocks and frozen manure when using the vertical attachment.
- Hinged Stake System for easy attachment removal. As you lift on the upper lift tabs, the attachment hinges out and lifts out of the stakes.
- High-Efficiency Berma 800 Series apron gearbox to pull the load. This gear-to-gear design is simple and strong! It is outfitted with the Meyer Hydraulic Variable Speed Control.
- Massive Expeller Driveline features a center drive design for reduced stress. (S-100 / S-200) Massive bevel gearbox design makes others look small!
- Attachment Driveline No-Tool disconnection! Unhooks just like a tractor PTO.
- Massive formed channel floor supports. Only 7” gap between supporting crossmembers!
- Solid-poly floor with Triple 667XH Aprons – 180,000# combined tensile! Variable Speed Apron Drive is Standard on all Models!
- The PTO Driveline features a standard constant velocity - 1 ¾” 20 spline yoke, overrunning clutch and torque disconnect clutch to protect your expeller drive system. The pto bearing tower is rubber mounted to reduce vibration.

Height: 111, Length: 509, Weight: 26,320


Box Inside Length
Pull Type: 30' | Truck Mnt: 30'
Overall Length
Pull Type: 42'5" w/XTS4500 600/50 | Truck Mnt: 34'10" w/gearbox
Inside Width
Pull Type: 90 3/4" | Truck Mnt: 90 3/4"
Overall Width-Box/Box w/Tires
Pull Type: 102"/111" | Truck Mnt: 102"
Inside Height
Pull Type: 47-1/2" | Truck Mnt: 47-1/2"
Overall Height w/S-200
Pull Type: 9' 3.25" with trailer | Truck Mnt: 8' 4.5" + truck height
Pull Type: 900 / 1,180 Cu. Ft. | Truck Mnt: 900 / 1,180 Cu. Ft.
Weight (approx.) w/S-200
Pull Type: 26,320# | Truck Mnt: 14,900#
Min. Required HP
Pull Type: 250 HP | Truck Mnt: 400 HP + call factory
Apron Chains
Pull Type: D667K/3-Aprons | Truck Mnt: D667K/3-Aprons
Slats Per Apron
Pull Type: 46/138 Per Box | Truck Mnt: 46/138 Per Box
Apron Drive
Pull Type: Hydraulic - Variable | Truck Mnt: Hydraulic - Variable
Pull Type: Super Slide Solid Poly | Truck Mnt: Super Slide Solid Poly
Box Sides
Pull Type: Steel - 10 gauge | Truck Mnt: Steel - 10 gauge
Front 36" Folding Guard Deflect
Pull Type: Standard | Truck Mnt: Standard
Transport Lights w/Cord
Pull Type: Standard | Truck Mnt: Standard


Rear Attach S-100/200/300/400
Pull Type: Optional | Truck Mnt: Optional
Silage Extension Package
Pull Type: Optional 36" | Truck Mnt: Optional 36"
Scale Packages
Pull Type: Optional | Truck Mnt: Optional
Nutrient Tracking M.S.
Pull Type: Optional | Truck Mnt: Optional
Reversing Apron Pkg.
Pull Type: Standard | Truck Mnt: Standard