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The 1100 model large dual-auger cart offers a low-profile design and an external corner vertical auger — you will experience speed (unload in 90 seconds!), better line-of-sight visibility and clean-out. The discharge auger pivots 10 degrees up/down for an easy-to-position grain spout — this creates precise grain placement to eliminate spillage. A rugged, reinforced A-frame provides rigidity and stability within the unit. The additional transport options (flotation tires, row crop tires or tracks) provides a custom fit for any operation.

Adjustable Discharge Spout - Dual Auger Grain Carts- Unload grain precisely where you want it. Hydraulically adjust 14 degrees total up or down. Cab-operated.

Corner Unloading Auger- Now the grain spout is beside you instead of behind you! By moving vertical auger to the front of the grain cart and angling it forward, Kinze grain carts improve operator visibility and eliminate the need to look back and over your shoulder to unload. The externally mounted auger also provides superior clean out.

Direct-Drive Gearbox- Smooth, reliable power transfer. Outstanding protection for the PTO and tractor.

Dual Camera Monitoring System - Dual Auger Grain Cart- Maintain a constant two-camera bird's-eye view during the grain unloading process and at the rear of the cart. Monitor from both points of view to minimize spills, eliminate blind spots for added safety and make it much easier to back up to buildings or storage facilities.

Electric Roll Tarps- Electric-powered roll tarp lets you open and close the tarp from a cart-mounted switch or from the cab with a remote control device.

Flotation Tires- Super flotation! Giant R-1 lug-type tires create extra-wide footprint for reduced compaction. New compaction-reducing IF1250/50 R32 CFO tires.

Full-Cover Reinforced Safety Grating- Full-cover reinforced safety grating for added protection.

Heavy-Duty Vertical Auger Folding System- Top section easily folds within the transport width of the Grain Cart. When you're ready to unload, the rugged, reinforced augers automatically self-align and rigidly lock. Equipped with top-quality industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders throughout.

Hydraulic Flow Gate- From the cab, the hydraulic flow gate controls volume and load on the horizontal augers.

Joystick Control- Now comes standard! Handles four cart functions: tip spout, horizontal auger on/off, flow gate and auger tilt. Lowers the hydraulic remote requirement to 2 SCV.

Kinze Industrial Grade Cylinders- Kinze industrial-grade cylinders lock the self-aligning, vertical auger system for fast, secure folding.

Low Profile. Low Center of Gravity.- Part of the unique signature design of all Kinze grain carts is the dual auger system with larger diameter augers. The full-length horizontal auger eliminates wasted space, creates a low profile and low center of gravity for greater stability. 24" vertical auger tube / 20" horizontal auger.

Manual Roll Tarps- This vinyl-coated, roll tarp package protects harvested grain from harsh weather conditions.

On-Demand Belt Drive- Belt drive (two 4-band V belts) eliminates chains and sprockets. Fewer wear parts and reduced daily maintenance.

Pivoting Vertical Auger- Provides horizontal and vertical auger adjustments (10 degrees total up and down). Over 2' of adjustable height and nearly 2' of adjustable reach for extra access during unloading. Control both auger pivot and spout adjustability from the cab.

Row Crop Tires- Patented, unequal-length parallel link axles with dual 520/85 R42 165 tires. Unique axle and reversible rim mounting accommodate 30" to 40" spacings between tires. Wheel wells allow plenty of up-and-down movement of the tires.

Tracks- Start earlier and eliminate delays, reduce compaction and stay on schedule. Discover the ultimate in flotation with a 36""-wide rubber tracked undercarriage. Rugged cast-iron, segmented end wheels minimize maintenance and adjustments. Spun-formed 3/8" steel mid-wheels feature extra large diameter tapered bearings for added durability and increased track life.


Weight Empty - Flotation Tire:
24,900 lbs.
Weight Empty - Row Crop:
27,500 lbs.
Weight Empty - Track:
31,480 lbs.
Hitch Weight - Empty:
3,950 lbs.
Hitch Weight - Loaded:
6,280 lbs.
Width - Transport:
13' (13' 11"*)
Width - Row Crop 30" Row Transport:
12' 7"
Width - Row Crop Wide Row Transport:
15' 4"
Width - Grain Tank:
Length - Grain Tank:
21' 9"
Height - Grain Tank:
11' 4"
Length - Total:
31' 7"


Total Capacity:
1100 bu.
Bushels/Minute - Max:
750 bu/min
Vertical Auger:
22" Diameter | 24" Diameter Tube
Horizontal Auger:
20" Diameter | 22" Diameter Tube
Drive Belts:
4-Band V Belts (2)
Hubs - Flotation Tire:
20 Bolt Cast Ductile Iron
Hubs - Row Crop:
4 - 10 Bolt Cast Ductile Iron
Spindle - Flotation Tire:
4 1/2"
Spindle - Row Crop:
4 1/2"
Track Width:
Track Length Overall:
Track Length Contact:
Track End Wheels (Per Track):
(2) Cast Iron Segmented 36 1/2"
Track Mid Wheels (Per Track):
1000 RPM
Safety Chains:
(2) Grade 70 - 40,500 lbs Rated
Adjustable Discharge Spout:
Adjustable to +/- 14 degrees.
Hydraulic Requirements:
2 SCVs