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This versatile and customizable planter does it all. The 3000 boasts lower inputs and equipment costs up front, with an optional double-frame. Choose standard or split rows and apply liquid or dry fertilizer all at the same time. Enjoy the ability to convert your row spacing from 30” to 15” in minutes, not hours. The split row option allows for better residue flow and simple maintenance. Notice how the hydraulic lift system keeps the frame level, even in rolling terrain. The throw out clutches extend all split rows with a quarter turn and the self-leveling hitch provides superior transport clearance. With so many features the 3000 model Kinze planter is worth every penny!

Row Configurations:
4 Row 30"
6 Row 30"
7 Row 15"
8 Row 30"
11 Row 15"
15 Row 15"

3000 Series Row Unit
Durable parallel linkage with optimal down force springs or pneumatic down pressure package. Precision cast mountings for opener blades. Powder coat finish for added protection. Hardened seed tube guard and scraper for opener blades. Molded wheel covers minimize soil build up on wheels and reduce rock damage. Load-equalizing gauge wheels for uniform depth control, even in heavy residue or rugged planting conditions. Heavy-duty shank with triangular reinforcement for max side-load strength.

Conventional Row Unit Seed Hoppers
1.9 bu. seed capacity!* Unmatched seed flow and clean out. Translucent so you can monitor seed levels. Easy to remove. Easy to access. (*1.75 bu. capacity on vacuum meter models.)

Computerized Smart Sensor
See and count every seed with new high-definition, one-piece optical seed tube. Count up to 120 seeds per second. Track population changes instantly. Compatible with Precision Planting 20/20 Seed Sense®, Ag Leader® STMM or any system using Dickey John® seed tubes. New smoother, stronger seed tube.

End Wheel Modules
End wheel modules allow quick and easy access to seed rate transmissions. One per wing on 12 row models; two per wing on 16 row models.

Industrial-Grade Cylinders
Tested and proven superior reliability over other competitor ag-grade cylinders. Hydraulics are built in Williamsburg, IA.

Rigid Frame
Rugged rigid frame offers long term reliability for your planting needs. Promotes field stability and depth control with the widest range of option packages for its size.

Single-Fold or Two-Fold Row Markers
Features: Low profile. 16"-diameter solid blades (*notched available). Tapered roller bearings. Adjustable pitch (0 - 22 degrees). Single-fold markers on 4R and 6R models; low-profile two-fold on 8R models.

End-Mounted Transmissions
Wheel modules provide easy end-mounted access. Consistent populations. More yield potential. Precision-cut plated sprockets readily available. No tools needed. Split drive system reduces driveline torque on contours, curves, corners. Throw-out clutches shut off optional split row interplants in seconds.

Mechanical Ground Contact Drive System
Smooth, reliable and easy to operate. Less horsepower required compared to hydraulic drives. Uses spring-loaded tires. No clutches. No chains to remove for transport.

Split Rows


Single Frame Length
11'4" (3.5m)
Double Frame Length
13'8" (4.2m)
21'10" (6.7m)
Single Frame Weight
4874 lb (2210.81 kg)
Double Frame Weight
5548 lb (2516.53 kg)
Axle Weight Empty
4950 lb (2245.2 kg)
Tongue Weight Empty
1,310 lb (594.2 kg)
Seed Capacity
1.90 bu. (Mechanical / Hopper)
Transport/Field Tire
7.50" x 20" 8 ply rib implement tires with center groove | Inflate to 40 psi (275.7 kPa)
Contact Drive Tire
4.10" x 6" | Inflate to 50 psi (344.7 kPa)
Field Lift
Master / slave rephasing cylinders
Row Markers
Hydraulic alternating sequence valve (dual valve optional), single fold, depth bands.

General Comments

These specifications are for the configuration 8 rows, 30" spacing