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The Kinze 1051 single auger grain cart is setting a different standard for grain handling performance. This single auger cart features: a front folding corner auger, frame design, adjustable spout, 20" Ultraflyte™ auger, low ground pressure radial tires, torque limiting clutch, simple high-performance design, powder coat finish, 20 bolt hubs and pit-dump door. Simplicity, reliability and innovation that makes a difference - the Difference is Kinze.

20" Ultraflyte Auger™- Computer balanced auger with concave carrying face flighting that has a smooth transitioned thickened edge and is made of carbon steel that unloads grain up to 450 bushels per minute. These unique auger features provide better wear, longer life and the potential for reduced auger costs per bushel and more up time.

Adjustable Spout - Single Auger Grain Carts- Adjustable spout has a 42 degree range of motion and helps control grain flow and precise placement.

Dual or Quad Camera Monitoring System - Single Auger Grain Cart- Maintain a constant bird's-eye view during the grain unloading process with cameras on the spout and at the rear of the cart. 9" Quad LCD display monitors from both points of view to minimize spills, eliminate blind spots for added safety and make it much easier to back up to buildings or storage facilities. Two additional cameras, for mounting in the tub and universally, are also available, with the capability of viewing all 4 cameras on one display.

Electric Roll Tarps- Electric-powered roll tarp lets you open and close the tarp from a cart-mounted switch or from the cab with a remote control device.

Frame Design- Provides easy maneuverability and unmatched visibility of combine and cart spouts.

Front Folding Corner Auger- Front fold design easily extends and folds while next to truck

Low Ground Pressure Radial Tires- Diamond tread (IF900/65R32CFO/191B, R3) or lug tread (IF900/60R32CFO/188B, R1) radial tires evenly distribute weight for lower ground contact pressures.

Manual Roll Tarps- This vinyl-coated, roll tarp package protects harvested grain from harsh weather conditions.

Pit-Dump Door- Easy-to-use, sliding pit-dump door matches the contour of the auger housing and limits the grain left in the auger during normal operation.

Powder Coat Finish- Long lasting, durable finish keeps the cart looking good and potentially worth more at trade-in.

Torque Limiting Clutch- Protects driveline and automatically resets without replacing components.


Auger Size
Unload Speed (bu./min.)
Approx. Empty Weight (lbs.)
Hitch Weight, Empty (lbs.)
4,000 lbs
Hitch Weight, Loaded (lbs.)
5,000 lbs
IF900/65R32CFO/191B (R3) | IF900/60R32CFO/188B (R1)
Auger Reach
Auger Height
Auger Spout Range of Motion
42 degrees
Short Side Height
High Side Height

General Comments

Optional Features:
- Radial Lug or Diamond Tread Tires
- Mechanical or Electric Roll Tarp
- Digi-Star GT-400 Scale Package
- Digi-Star GT-560 Scale Package w/ Auto Log
- Digi-Star GT-560 Scale Package w/ Auto-Log, Wifi & Moisture Sensor
- 2 Camera Package and 9" Monitor
- Additional 2 Cameras (total of 4 on one display)
- Adjustable Spout

* Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.
**Capacities measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb test weight).