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2017 SUNFLOWER 1544

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2017 SUNFLOWER 1544 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 SUNFLOWER 1544 at

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Built for today's large acreage discing, the model 1544 is available in working widths of 42' and 45'. Time saving features include single-point front-mounted depth controls and improved clearance, both in the field and on the road. Six pairs of walking tandems provide excellent weight distribution and flotation. The lift system pivots on maintenance-free UHMW plastic sleeves that totally eliminate greasing. Sunflower's 1544 offers unmatched flexibility in rolling terrain or terraced ground. If your looking for large disc performance that offers small disc flexibility, see how the Sunflower 1544 can fit your operation.

• Exclusive four-section design is unmatched in rolling terrain or terraces
• C-Flex&trade bearing standards absorb disc gang shock prolonging bearing and frame life
• Self-aligning Trunnion gang bearings feature triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing
• Each half of the disc is leveled independently with the self leveler
• Maintenance-free lift system utilizes UHMW sleeves that eliminate greasing
• Walking tandems are standard on the center section and the wings
• Available in 42' and 45' widths
• Safety light kit and SMV sign are standard

Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs
With the exception of the 1300, 1700 and 1800 series, every Sunflower disc features staggered overlapping disc gangs - one of the keys to level discing. The overlapped placement of the front gangs cuts all of the ground cleanly while the staggered rear gangs throw the soil back in a criss-cross pattern. This arrangement eliminates the need for a chisel shank or bulk buster typically required in the center and behind the front gangs of conventional tandems. Even more importantly - the Sunflower combination eliminates ridging in the center - another problem common with conventional tandem discs. Sunflower also makes sure the tires are placed close to the hinge line on the center section and the outside of each wing. This assures the disc will perform properly, without gouging, in rough or terraced ground. Some manufactures save money by simply extending the gang bars on the wings to make the next large size. This leaves the wing wheels too far inside and they cannot control the wings in rough or terraced ground.
- Featured on all except: 1300, 1700 & 1800 series disc

Trunnion Mounted Bearings
Sunflower's trunnion bearings provide positive alignment, eliminate wear between the bearings and the housing and ensure positive lubrication. As the C-Flex™ bearing standards move, the gang bearings have to constantly realign. On conventional bearing systems the bearing moves within the housing. This eventually leads to wear between the bearing and the housing... then bearing failure, because grease cannot get into the bearing. With the trunnion bearing there is never any wear between the bearing and the housing and there is always positive lubrication. The trunnion bearing features triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing and metal washers that protect the seals from being damaged by stocks or material wrapping around the gang shaft.
- Featured on all except: 1700 & 1800 series disc

C-Flex™ Bearing Standards
Standard equipment on every Sunflower disc, the C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock created by stumps, rocks and normal discing. This extends the bearing, spool and disc blade life. A bonus feature is the C-Flex's™ ability to clear residue better than conventional rigid standards. The C-Flex™ bearing standards also allow for easy maintenance of the disc gang assembly. Just remove one bolt and loosen another bolt at each C-Flex™ location and the entire gang can be dropped. All C-Flex™ standards remain in place to assure the gang will be in the correct position when replaced. Unlike competitive machines the scraper bars are mounted to the back of the C-Flex™ Standards. This allows the scrapers to react with the gang and not come into contact with the spools or blades.
- Featured on all except: 1700 & 1800 series disc

Spring Cushion Gang Assembly
The entire gang assembly pivots upwards when an obstruction is encountered. The heavy coil springs compress allowing the gang assembly to pass over the obstruction then expands to return the gangs to their working position.
- Optional on 1700 & 1800 series

Rigid Gang Assembly
Standard equipment on 1700 & 1800 series

Self-leveling Hitch
Level the disc frame from front to rear with Sunflower's unique self-leveling hitch. This positive adjustment maintains a pre-selected setting regardless of the tillage depth. It features heavy-duty compression springs on each side of the pivot to cushion both front and rear gangs, important when crossing ditches or rough terrain. Some disc models offer optional hydraulic adjustment.

Working width ft. in. (m)

42’ (12.8)
44’-9” (13.7)

Transport width ft. in. (m)

22’-2” (6.8)
22’-2” (6.8)

Transport height ft. in. (m)

14’-7” (4.5)
15’-8” (4.5)

Est. weight lbs. (kg.)

27,200 (12,338)
28,975 (13,143)

Weight per ft. of cut lbs. (kg.)

648 (294)
644 (292)

HP requirements

10 to 12 hp/ft

General Comments

Note: Specifications may vary based on tires, hydraulic system, attachments or other possible variances.