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2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON WR9840 at

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The Hesston WR Series Windrowers from Massey Ferguson

The WR Series SP windrowers are absolutely the first in the industry to operate all hydraulic, engine and drive functions via an onboard virtual computer terminal - giving you a whole new level of control and precision. WR9800 Series SP Windrowers lead the industry in precision steering, advanced conditioning for faster-drying hay, and maximum daily productivity.

Chock full of innovation, the WR Series has more than a dozen proprietary features developed in response to direct input from working hay producers.

RearSteer Option
Our industry exclusive rear steer option provides you positive windrower steering from the rear axle like a combine. This improves operator comfort, while increasing transport speed or allowing you to tow a draper header.

Power Up
Choose our AGCO POWER 6.6 liter 225 HP powerhouse, revolutionary QuadBoost 195 HP 4-cylinder engine or 137 HP 4-cylinder engine.

We’ll Drive
With its Plug & Play Auto-Guide 3000 guidance system, the WR series has the most advanced GPS steering available, with field speeds up to 17.5 mph.

Control to the Max
The FieldMax monitor gives you instant access to fuel economy, performance, header flotation settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

No Other self-propelled windrower helps you produce quality hay faster, more efficiently, with greater precision, less fatigue, better fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Be Blown Away
The V-Cool System includes an auto-reverse fan that eliminates the need for rotary screen cleaners.

The Ultimate Flexibility
Our WR9800 Series windrowers are capable of being configured for high capacity swathing with our 5300 header, or as a hay machine with our sickle or disc headers. This provides you the ultimate in versatility as one windrower can fulfill numerous jobs.

Keep Rolling
With one of the highest capacity fuel tank in the business (130 gal.) and SCR fuel saving technology, the WR Series keeps going up to 2 days without refueling.

Beyond Power Steering
Electro-Hydraulic steering gives you a more precise, quicker response with adjustable steering sensitivity.

Less is More
Each of our three WR9800 Series models can be equipped with our new triple windrow attachment. This allows the operator to merge up to three swaths into one should their operation require this capability say for a forage harvesting application.

RazorBar™ — Offers the lowest profile on the market, keeping the disc head as level as possible to improve cutting performance.

Triple Windrow Attachment (TWA) — The new Triple Windrow Attachment gives you single, double and triple windrow options. Fewer follow up passes across the field reduce labor, wear and tear and crop damage and compaction, resulting in better efficiency and productivity.

Dimensions and Weight

Length overall w/out header in. (mm)
199.7 (5,074)
Wheelbase in. (mm)
137 (3,482)
Height - top of cab in. (mm) (23.1-26 Turf Tires)
137.8 (3,501)
Tread width drive tires in. (mm)
130.7 (3,320)
Tread width tail wheels min. in. (mm)
84 to 129 in 9" increments (2,135 to 3,277)
Weight (approximate) w/out header lbs. (kg)
11,250 (5,103)

Speed (approximate)

Field range mph (km/h)
0 to 17.5 (0 to 28)
Road range mph (km/h)
0 to 22 (0 to 35)
Road range w/RearSteer mph (km/h) (optional)
0 to 24.5 (0 to 39)


AGCO Power™ 44 CTA T4F
Rated Horsepower (kW)
137 (103)
Boost Horsepower (kW)
148 (110)
Displacement cu in. (L)
269 (4.4)
Fuel tank capacity US GAL (L)
130 (492)

Ground Drive System

Double planetary gear reduction
Tandem pump
Sauer Danfoss H1 Axial Piston Pump
Infinitely variable displacement

Flotation System

Hydraulic with independent left/right adjustable computer control


Drive wheels
23.1-26 Bias Turf (R3), 23.1-26 Radial Turf (R3), 620/75R26 Radial Bar (R1)
Tail wheels
14L-16.1, 8-ply implement rib, 16.5L-16.1, 10-ply implement rib