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2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at
2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MASSEY-FERGUSON 1366 at

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From economy models with conditioning options to advanced center-pivot disc models, the rugged 1300 Series Hesston mowers are all you need to bring in your hay crop quickly - and in great condition.

Innovation-Rely on the innovative features of the 1300 Series to cut a wide swath through grass hay, pasture or alfalfa with equal ease.
All new 1300 Series mower conditioners have a standard 3-year cutterbar warranty covering the cast iron module and all internal parts

Preserving Leaf Quality
Our herringbone design, steel on steel condition rolls, feed the crop evenly and gently crimp it every 3 inches for a faster drying time.

Razor Sharp
All models except the 1359 utilize the Razorbar cutter bar. The Razorbar is a low profile spur gear driven cutter bar making it one of the most durable and shear-resistant cutterbars in the industry.

Capability-For a clean, close cut and efficient conditioning, choose the Series 1300 model that fits your farming needs
In Full Swing
Swinging tongue convenience lets you cut square corners, windrow back and forth on the same side of the field, and steer around obstacles.

Reliable Workers
The 1300 series disc mower conditioners are designed to provide you with rugged construction and maximum adaptability.

Performance always comes standard.
No matter which Hesston 1300 Series center-pivot disc mower conditioner you choose, you can be assured of quality performance, thanks to impressive features you won’t find on most competitive machines.

Herringbone conditioner rolls
Extra-wide, 110-inch conditioner rolls increase the capacity of the header and allow the crop to be distributed into a thinner mat for more uniform conditioning.

Cage crop conveyors
Rotating cages at each end of the cutterbed help convey crop material to the conditioner rolls while preventing crop material from wrapping on the cutterbed driveshaft.

Top Shield Protector
Tough, poly panels on the underside of the header shields absorb the impact of rocks and debris to keep the sheet metal from being dented, scraped or exposed to rust.

Turbulence reduction roll
A turbulence reduction roll, or helper roll, located between the conditioner rolls and the cutterbed allows the conditioner rolls to be positioned farther back, improving performance in light crops and assisting crop flow in dense, heavier crop.

Pre-lubricated, sealed bearings
Pre-lubricated bearings provide a longer life, while substantially reducing maintenance, compared to cutterbeds that require regular oil checks.

High tooth-to-tooth contact at all times allows the cutterbar to evenly transfer power throughout the cutterbar and help protect the cutterbar against foreign objects.

Rock guards
Smooth-profile rock guards, integrated into the cutterbed, reduce mud build-up, while protecting the disc and knives from rocks and other obstructions.

Conditioner options to match every need--Choose the unique conditioner options that meet your specific crop and operating conditions. Regardless of model, the extra-wide width ensures thorough, uniform conditioning that helps increase the total value of your crop.

Steel-on-Steel Rolls
Designed to meet the needs of custom and commercial operators, steel-on-steel rolls feature a herringbone pattern that provides long-lasting durability while evenly distributing crop material across the full width of the rolls. They’re also the best option for alfalfa, since they crimp the stems, for faster drying, while maintaining leaf quality.

Rubber-on-Rubber Rolls
Featuring a herringbone tread pattern that helps improve windrow formation, our rubber-on-rubber rolls are designed for those who prefer more crushing-type conditioning action. The shallow lugs minimize leaf damage compared to deep-lug urethane rollers that tend to scuff the crop and damage the leaves.

Spoke Conditioner
A good choice for grass hay, the spoke conditioner uses 74 free-swinging spokes, spinning at 1,030 RPM, to effectively condition the crop and force it to rub against the conditioning panel. This, in turn, scuffs the waxy coating from the plant stems, allowing them to dry faster.

Customized performance.
Although Hesston 1300 Series disc mower conditioners are built to handle nearly any type of material or challenge, certain situations call for additional equipment. That's why we offer all the options you could ever need to match your specific cropping program. These include:
• Topping skids and/or skid shoes for additional ground clearance.
• A hydraulic header tilt on select models for on-the-go cutterbar angle adjustment.

Dimensions and Weights

Width of cut: ft. (m)
9.8 (3.0)
Overall width: ft. (m)
9.8 (3.0)
Weight: lbs. (kg.)
5,050 (2,291)

Mainframe and Header

Header lift range: in. (mm)
20 (510)
Header flotation
Radial and vertical with adjustable springs
1lL–15, 31 x 13.5–15 (Opt.)


Cutterbar design
Spur gear- RazorBar
Cutting height: in. (mm)
0 to 8 (0 to 203)
Cutterbar operating range
0° to 6°
Number of discs
Number of knives
12 (2 per disc)
3B powerband/gearbox
Disc speed: RPM
Knife tip speed: mph (km/hr)
163 (260.7)
Swingaway, reversible


Roll type
Herringbone steel on steel or rubber on steel, Tine conditioner
Length: in. (mm)
73 (1,854)
Speed: RPM
U-joint drivelines from gearbox


Upr./lwr. Steel-on-Steel roll: in. (mm)
8.2 (209)
Rubber-on-Rubber roll: in. (mm)
8.0 (203)
Roll Speed: RPM
Length: in. (mm)
73 (1,854)
Less conditioner
Tine conditioner
Tine conditioner diameter: in. (mm)
18 (462)
Number of double tines
Tine speed: RPM

Windrow Width

Windrow formation max: in. (mm)
73 (1,854)
Windrow formation min: in. (mm)
42 (1,067)

Tractor Requirements

Min. PTO: horsepower (kW)
75 (56)
PTO speed
1 DAV; 1 SAV

General Comments

AGCO may at any time, and from time to time, for technical or other necessary reasons, modify any of the data, specifications or warranty of the products described herein.