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Please note that the Steiger Series tractors are currently unavailable for sale at Binkley & Hurst.

2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at
2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at
2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at
2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at
2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at
2017 CASE IH RB444 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 CASE IH RB444 at

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RB444 Round balers feature a wide pickup with gauge wheel, full-bale alarm, spring-loaded bale ramp, and in-camp guidance for bales up to 4ft in diameter.

Key Features of the RB444 Round Baler
• Customized bales ​​​— easily adjust bale density and diameter
• Electric single-arm twine system ties bales fast, applying two strands at once
• Forward location of pickup allows you to see windrows feeding into the bale chamber
• Pickup features 72 tines —​ more tines grab more hay
• Durable belts and rolls form dense, uniform bales​​

Case IH RB5 Series round balers consistently build dense round bales, even in varying crop and field conditions. Choose from five models, known for wide pickups, durable belts and rolls, and the ability to custom-build round bales.

High Capacity Baling
• The Overshot feeder provides smooth and consistent crop flow from the pick up into the bale chamber resulting in higher capacity
• The 5 bar pick up combined with a roller windguard provides a clean sweep of crop and uninterrupted feeding of material into the baler.
• Large pick up width allows you to pick up wider, fuller windrows to maximize your productivity in every pass
• Low-profile design lets the pickup float over ground contours, gently gathering crop and saving nutrient-packed leaves

Durable Performance
• The heavy-duty pickup features stronger, more durable components to increase the wear life of the pick up
• The "premium laced" and "endless" belt are designed with higher tensile strength for improved durability and better belt tracking
• Redesigned net wrap system has an independent up-cut knife system to create less stress on components which results in a more reliable wrapping system
• The cut out clutch comes with more torque than previous versions

Simple, Easy to Operate
• Easy to use monitoring system that can be installed or removed quickly
• ISOBUS Monitoring system with AFS PRO 300 or PRO 700 Control Center
• Large swing open doors provide easy access to key components and service points
• Adjustments can be made quickly and easily with options such as "no tools required gauge wheel settings"
• Front-loading net wrap for efficient loading and positive feeding on bale

Net Wrap Electrical System
• Enhanced H-bridge and ICM controller
• Separate motor for net knife and duckbill reducing current draw in system
• Front loading net wrap for efficient net loading and positive feeding on bale
• Fewer adjustments for simplicity and better performance

Twine Delivery System
• Enhanced single pivot, dual twine arm system
• Positive twine starts due to twine arm sweeping across the full face of bale from left to right and back rather than staring in center
• Twine tails reduced to left side only
• Twine end wrap position adjustable from monitor
• Consistent twine spacing across entire width of bale

Style with a Purpose
• Plastic side shields with full access to side of baler when panels are raised and additional grease banks for ease of servicing
• Steel front shield
• Case IH family colors, black frame/red shields

Configuration Options:
• Choice of 540 rpm or 1000 rpm gearbox on all models
• Cut-out clutch on 5x6 Premium models
• Better, long-term durability than friction plate clutch
• Can achieve higher bale density

Overshot Feeder / In-Feed Auger
• Overshot feeder replaces the current stuffer feeder pickup for improved feeding capacity
• In-feed augers are in line with rotor handles providing better crop pickup for heavy windrows and significantly reduces auger plugging
• 2.0m pickup available on 5x6 units
• Reel options: 4-bar with steel tines or 5-bar with rubber tines
• Large diameter in-feed augers reduce incidence of crop jamming augers
• 5-bar reel with rubber tines standard

• Enhanced design rubber tine
• Stronger rubber base with lateral reinforcements
• 5x more life than previous rubber tine
• 100% stiffer than coil tine on 4 bar pick up
• Heavy Duty Reel Components: Reel Tube - 23% larger in diameter, double spider plates, drive shafts are 10% larger, solid tine bars, heavier reel drive chain

Additional Pickup Options
• Adjustable no-tool gauge wheels
• Castoring gauge wheels
• Pickup frame mounted gathering wheels

In Cab Control:
Deluxe Monitor with Keypad
• Compact Design
• Black and white display
• Larger screen area than current monitor
• Menu screen navigation
• User friendly icons
• 20 customer bale count storage

AFS Pro 300 Monitor for ISOBUS Option
• Color touch screen
• ISOBUS can also be ordered less monitor, will work with any size or brand virtual terminal that is ISOBUS compatible.

Bale Size

Bale diameter, in (mm)
30 - 48 (762 - 1220)
Bale width, in (mm)
46.5 (1182)
Bale weight, lb (kg)
300 to 750 (136 to 340)

Bale Forming

Bale chamber, Fixed or Variable
Variable chamber
Forming mechanism, Belts, Rolls, Chain & slats
5 rolls and 6 belts
Belt width, in (mm)
7 (178)
Belt description
3-ply laced, chevron
Tensioning method
2 extension spring assemblies

Cutter/ Chopper/ Slicer

Cutter-chopper available

Bale Ejector

Bale ejector description
Bale ramp spring-loaded

Twine and Wrap Systems

Twine ball storage, quantity
Twine system control
Electric, manual
Netwrap, meshwrap feature
No option

Standard Pickup

Pickup working width, in (mm)
60 (1524)
Outer tine-to-tine width, standard, in (mm)
44.6 (1133)
Tine spacing, in (mm)
2.63 (67)
Number of tine bars or tine rows
Number of tines
Windguard description
9 rods, adjustable
Pickup gauge wheel
1 standard | 2nd optional
Pickup lift, manual or hydraulic

Optional Pickup

Optional pickup working width, in (mm)
No option
Outer tine-to-tine width, optional, in (mm)
No option


Standard Tire size
11L x 14, 6 ply
Optional Tire size
No option

Baler Dimensions and Weight

Overall length, gate closed, in (mm)
135 (3429)
Overall baler width, in (mm)
85 (2162)
Overall height, gate closed, in (mm)
85 (2162)
Weight, lbs (kg)
2,950 (1338)

PTO Drive

PTO speed, rpm
Drive protection

Tractor Requirements

Tractor power, hp (kW)
35 (26)
Number of hydraulic remote circuits