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2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at
2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at
2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 HARDI COMMANDER 10000 at

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The HARDI ChemFiller is standard on the COMMANDER and has been developed to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. The high capacity of the ChemFiller is achieved by using a combination of high vacuum and high pressure vortex nozzles placed inside the hopper.

High capacity Vortex action inside hopper.
Liquid at high pressure is used to create a powerful vortex inside the hopper. This vortex will efficiently mix all powder and liquid chemicals before they are transferred into the sprayer.
Very high vacuum and suction capacity.
A large external ejector system creates a powerful vacuum that transfers powders and liquid directly into the tank.

The sturdy lid can be used as work table.
When the lid is opened, it can be used as a bench for measuring or storing the chemicals before mixing.

Rotating nozzle used for cleaning containers and the ChemFiller itself.
The built-in rotating nozzle will clean any chemical container. After use the same nozzle will clean out the complete ChemFiller. The nozzle has a point that can penetrate the seal on most chemical containers.

Filling capacity liquid up to 32 gpm.
Size of hopper 9 gal.

All primary functions needed to operate the sprayer when filling or cleaning have been built into two handles located in the center of the work zone. The logically placed handles and the easy to read color coded icons make the system very easy to understand and operate. This greatly reduces the start-up and operation time of the sprayer.

The drawbar on COMMANDER 8500 and 10000 are as standard fully suspended.

The full up and down load from the sprayer to the tractor and transferred through rubber dampers built into the chassis. The drawbar on COMMANDER 6600 and 10000 furthermore has a hydraulic support leg as standard.

The hydraulic support leg is driven by a separate hydraulic outlet on the tractor and ensures easy and safe attachment of the sprayer

Strong hydraulic cylinders absorb shock loads instead of transferring them to the boom and tractor. This ensures operator comfort and optimises application at even higher speeds.

- Compact suspension system permits track width down to 60 inchs with tires up to 13.6 inchs wide.
- Suspension range 4400 - 17630 lbs.
- High comfort level at high driving and spraying speeds.
- Suspension is adjusted to match tank and boom size from the factory
- Suspension does not compromise the clearance.

Because of the forward sloping of the tank, agitation towards the sump is very effective. The agitation is infinitely variable to match the different viscosities of the spray liquid.

Very deep central tank sump.
The sprayer is completely emptied even on slopes up to 15 degrees - uphill or downhill

Easy to rinse inside with tank rinsing nozzles.
100% of the tank can be “seen” by the rinsing nozzles. No sharp corners prevent sedimentation of pesticide.

HARDI Diaphragm pumps
• Pump capacity not linked to engine rpm
• Self-priming *Open crankcase
• Able to run dry without damage
• Easy service pump
• No contact between chemicals and moving mechanical parts

• Maximum agitation without foaming
• Minimal tank residues when spraying is finished
• Automatic tank contents readout displayed on the controller.
• When filling, AutoAgitation ensures maximum FastFiller capacity
• Different programs can be selected for optimal agitation
• AutoAgitation is standard with AutoFill and AutoWash

• Choose a program and the rest is automatic
• Operator and tractor cabin not contaminated
• Time saved as process is done from the tractor cab
• Effective controlled cleaning so pesticide cross-contamination avoided
• No residues at end of spray task
• 3 programs from 1 to 15 minutes

FORCE boom features:
• 3-dimensional high performance booms
• Boom suspension with coil spring pendulum, telescopic dampers and patented HARDI adjustable guide rod system.
• Anti-yaw device incorporated in the design
• Mechanical lock between the intermediate and outer boom sections
• HPZ is operated by electric/hydraulic, direct activated (DAH)
• Stainless steel spray lines are standard
• TRIPLETS with non-drip valves

TERRA FORCE offers the ultimate in robustness and performance.
• 120 and 132 feet
• TERRA FORCE offers the ultimate in ruggednesness and performance.
• The DynamicCenter gives the possibility to change the boom characteristic on the go.
• 5 different settings, controlled from the hydraulic control box, will ensure optimal performance in all types of field condition.
• Tilt suspension gives smooth boom movement and less stress on the center.
• High performance yaw dampening is supplied by a double acting hydraulic damper.
• Wide Paralift is hydraulically suspended.
• Partial fold is offered on all TERRA FORCE booms.
• Equipped with the new HARDI T25 boom fluid system.


Tank Size (gallons)
Pumps, type
464-1000 rpm
Hydraulic suspension
Suspended drawbar
Hydraulic outlets needed (HY EAGLE models)
Hydraulic outlets needed (HZ-DHP models)
1 double acting
Weight drawbar (empty tank) * lbs
Weight axle (empty tank) *, lbs
Weight total (empty tank)*, lbs
Turning radius SafeTrack, ft
Total length, ft
Total height, ft (base tires)
Width withEAGLE boom, ft
Width with FORCE and TWIN FORCE, in.
Trank width, in
87-90, 120 fixed
Length draw to axel, in
Clearance, in

General Comments

* Weight- 4400 is with 90 TWIN boom and 6600 is with 100 TWIN FORCE