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2017 FERRIS FW35 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 FERRIS FW35 at

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Reward your hardworking lawn care crew with the walk behind mower that might make them forget they're working at all. The FW35 dual hydrostatic walk-behind was built from the ground up to meet the demands of professional mowing crews. The design gives this mower smoother and more user-friendly operation.

Powerful engine choices from Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard for power and fuel efficiency.

FW35 Walk Behind Mower Features:
•NEW! Oil Guard System on Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK EFI engine options. Save 60% on oil maintenance per season per unit!
•CC™ Centralized Control handles for natural, ergonomic position with improved comfort and narrower stance for hand protection from scrapes & cuts.
•Easy mowing with electric starter with cruise control bar for desired speeds.
•Heavy-duty construction with two layers of steel running the entire width for strength & lap welded corners for dent resistance.
•Big 20" tires for climbing over curbs and rough terrains, reducing deck bounce for consistent cut.
•Commercial-grade transmission & the same muscle driving our heavier, commercial zero turn mower line.
•One-hand deck lift system and gauge for accurately adjusting cutting height from 1.5 to 4.75 inches.
•Limited two-year, unlimited-hour warranty.

500 Hour Oil Change (Select Models)- Vanguard™ Engines with Oil Guard System reduce maintenance time and costs by up to 60%.

Easy-To-Use Controls- CC™ Centralized Control lawn mower handle design places the operator's hands in the ideal position to access all in-demand controls. Ergonomic operator presence, steering and reverse levers on both handles operate with a light touch to reduce operator fatigue. Easily adjust control tensions to fine tune for different operating conditions.

Easy-Access Neutral Position- New dual access neutral pedals take the guesswork out of finding neutral, simplifying operation and saving time. The operator can use either foot to put the mower in neutral. The neutral position is clearly identified on the speed indicator on the dash.

Longer Belt Life- The parts that wear out the soonest don't have to go so soon. The Ferris-engineered deck drive belt system and larger pulleys provide gentler belt tension, which - combined with our unique debris shield - extends belt life and reduces wear on bearings.

Easy Reach Parking Brake- We located the parking brake handle conveniently in front of the control panel, providing instant access with minimal operator effort to reach and engage.

Cruise Control to Set Speed- Adjust the mower's speed without removing your hands from the control handles with the improved, ready-access cruise control bar. Simply press forward to increase speed and pull back a slow down. A convenient speed indicator is placed within easy view on the control panel.

Keeps the Engine Running- Need to walk away from the mower to move an obstacle or debris? The new PTO switch allows the operator to stop the mower blades quickly and easily. While moving, simply step on the centralized foot activated neutral pedals or pull back on the cruise control bar to place in neutral. Then, remove your hands from the controls. The blades will stop while the engine continues to run. Restarting the blades is just as easy. Place your hand on the controls, pull up the PTO switch and set your speed with the cruise control bar.

Well Built, Well Protected- Thick, 1/4" steel guards protect the front deck mower's transmission when going over curbs or rolling on and off a trailer - the type of rough handling that occurs daily under commercial use and can render lesser mowers inoperable. The design also reduces build up of debris to improve air flow and allow for access to the filter for maintenance.

Improved Deck Mounting- We listened closely to our pro users when considering the enhancements on our redesigned mower deck. The new mounting system provides easier deck leveling, improved flexibility over terrain, easy-access grease points and more durable water points for reduced maintenance. Ferris makes choosing wide area mowers a no brainer.

Solid Construction- All Ferris walk-behind mowers are ruggedly built nose to tail to withstand daily commercial-duty operation and transport. Robust 1/4" steel engine deck construction stands the test of time.


Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)
Cutting Width (in)
Cutting Height (in)
1.5 - 4.75
Deck Construction
Fabricated 10-gauge
Drive Axles (in)
Caster Tires (in)
11 x 4-5 Flat-free
Drive Tires (in)
20 x 8-10
Ground Speed-Fwd (mph)
Ground Speed-Rev (mph)
Dry Weight (lbs)
Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
Hour meter, speed indicator
Parking Brake/Safety Circuit
Internal transaxle
Safety Group/Controls
Operator presence, centralized foot activated neutral pedals, neutral start safety circuit/CC™ (Centralized Controls) or standard controls