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2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at
2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at
2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at
2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at
2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 TRIOLIET SOLOMIX 1-1000L ZK at

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The Solomix 1 is a compactly constructed mixer feeder wagon and can be delivered with a capacity from 5 up to 14 m3/180-500 cu.ft. For both large and small livestock breeders and for every specific situation Trioliet has the appropriate mixer feeder wagon. The Solomix 1 can be made to measure, if desired. Its specific characteristics and high quality make the mixer feeder wagon unique, efficient and very easy to work with.

Patented Trioform auger knives
The Trioform auger knives are mounted at horizontal position on the auger flighting. This ensures an optimum cutting performance with less resistance in the feed (fuel saving). The patented Trioform auger knives are self-sharpening and the special shape lead up to a higher strength and long life.

It’s all about the mix
The mixing auger and the mixing tub have been well developed through technically. The mixing tub is provided with robust walls which are highly wear-resistant. The special wear ring ensures greater stability and resistance to wear at the bottom of the mixing tub, where the pressure on the tub wall is the greatest. The unique ’Twin stream’ auger has two symmetrical dispenser arms, which ensure that the feed is discharged quickly and evenly. Even small mixtures are mixed quickly and accurately because of this.

Precision requires advanced instruments
Healthy livestock demands the best feed available. Apart from this, accurate and proper feeding saves costs and is less stressful on the environment. An indispensable option on every Solomix 1 mixer feeder wagon is the ’Triotronic’ electronic weighing system. This is a standard fitting with three robust weighing bars, which ensure maximum stability. At every weighing bar two measurements are taken. The average value calculated ensures optimum precision. The stable produced weighing bars are insensitive to peak loads while moving. The digital weight indicator is well protected by its shockproof, watertight housing.

Trioliet Feed Management system for efficient feeding
The Solomix’s weighing equipment can be extended with the advanced Trioliet feed management program ’TFM Tracker’. With this system, rations can be programmed, optimised and controlled - an optimum system enabling very exact feeding.

The standard model is complete
All Solomix 1 mixer feeder wagons are fitted with 1 mixing auger, long-lasting auger bearings and a stable auger base, which is supported by a solid chassis. The shape and the dimensions of the mixing tub and mixing auger match optimally. This ensures a perfect, homogenous mix and a maximum filling rate. The Solomix 1 series can be delivered in various discharge options at the front, side or rear of the machine.

The renewed Solomix 1 ZK is a compact mixer feeder, featuring a single vertical auger and a hydraulic discharge slide on both sides. This trailed mixer feeder is suitable for both large and small-scale livestock breeders and is available in volumes from 180 - 500 cu.ft. The exceptional simplicity of this mixer feeder means any maintenance costs are minimal, while the machine is furthermore extremely easy to use.

Capacity: 180 - 500 cu.ft.
Discharge type: Side door
Model: Trailed
Strawblower: No

Standard Features:
• Unique one auger drive system
• 1 Twin Stream auger (5/8") for quick mixing and superior discharge
• Low fixed or adjustable drawbar with clevis
• Constant velocity PTO shaft
• Hydraulic brake system
• 1 or 2 Manual operated restrictor blade
• Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52
• Two large side doors with rounded edges for better discharge
• Flexible and spacious side door covers
• 2 Wide wheels
• Hand jack
• Heavy Duty planetary drive
• Right, left or dual discharge
• Manual adjustable discharge chute
• To be connected directly to tractor hydraulics
• Trioform auger knives short
• New, in height adjustable, arm for the weighing indicator
• New protection and cover for hydraulic hoses and wires with storage possibility

Technical Specifications

Two side discharge doors
Capacity cu. ft.
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Width outside tires
Diameter of Tub
Discharge height*
Width of discharge door
Net weight Lbs
Maximum technical load Lbs
Number of auger knife positions
Number of knives mounted per auger
Power requirement PTO HP (kW)
75 (55)
Tires (2x)
PTO Drive
Required hydraulic capacity
5 gallons/min. 2,500 psi
Required tractor hydraulics
2 double acting valves

General Comments

* Without chute

** Warning: side door will rise 10.6" above the tub when completely opened.