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Customer Reviews

Dayton Customer

On Labor Day 2017, I needed parts for a New Idea Tedder.  I called the dealership in Dayton, VA only to find one employee in the whole store.  He was working in parts so that is all that mattered.  I live two hours away so I needed my parts shipped to my house.  With the holiday and reduced staff, something happened and it just did not get shipped Tuesday.  When I called Friday and they found the mistake, they offered to either ship it priority mail at no cost to me or have someone actually bring it to me.  Since I did not have any hay on the ground yet, I was happy to get the priority mail and did not want them to bring it to me two hours away.  In the grand scheme of things, my need was pretty minor but the parts department treated it like it was major and made me feel my business was important.  It is hard to find that kind of Customer service anywhere anymore.

Franklin County Customer

Thank you so much. You guys down there are unbelievable. I'm telling you that you guys have got to be the best part folks in all the world. Working like that just to get me that solenoid for that coil. Thank you, thank you so much. We got it and everything worked out good. I'll be talking to you there when I need parts again. With my luck, I'm sure it will be regularly. Thanks Nelson.

Mike Cullipher


We purchased a used Monosem planter several years ago and added some updates to it, added some parts and what-have-you and I was just calling to thank Kevin and all your guys who helped us out. The PTO shaft went out on that Monosem planter and I called him and y’all had one but we needed to get going that day and he took the time to look up the specs and dimensions on it and we purchased one here at the NAPA parts store and I really do appreciate that. [You] fellows [have] always been very helpful and have always … gone out of your way to do things for us and help us out. And I really do appreciate [that]. You don’t find that very often. Him passing up a sale to help us get going and get what we needed planted before it rained. He saved the day. You don’t find that kind of service very often. I just wanted to let you know that all the guys, but especially Kevin, have really helped us out and we really appreciate it. Thank you very much. - from Virginia Beach, VA.

Frank Hrebik

Good customer service warrants appreciation and I would like to recognize Landis Garman (I have been working with Landis for over 15 years and it is always a pleasure). Elvin in service & Ron the technician that came out to my shop for their quality of customer service which was provided to me. Their quick and professional manner in which they handled my needs should be highly commended. They all have a can-do attitude and I appreciate the fact they took me as a customer seriously and resolved my matter quickly. I have no doubt that your company is successful because of its focus on customer service . Thank you! -Frank Hrebik, Stewartstown, PA.

Sam Wood

I purchased a GC1720 at the Dayton, VA store. Small business treated you like they know you forever. They filled my trailer tires after pointing out that they were low. I paid cash so paperwork was 10 minutes. He had better knowledge than I did. I must say the tractor is strong. Wish I could post pictures. Thanks again.

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