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2017 MANITOU MRT2550+

2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at
2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at
2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at
2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at
2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at
2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 MANITOU MRT2550+ at

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Are you looking for reliable and versatile material handling equipment? Manitou has designed the MRT 2550 Privilege Plus rotating telehandler with you in mind. This machine handles loads of up to 4999 kg and performs operations at heights up to 25 m. It offers great versatility in daily tasks, a true 3-in-1 machine (telehandler + crane + platform).

The boom, consisting of 4 elements, combined with the 360° rotation of the turret allows you to perform various operations without moving the equipment. The attachment recognition system E-reco lets you save time by specifying the proper work envelope and enhances security since it automatically detects any overload.

Key Features

Rough Terrain
• Manitou's all-terrain machines have extra ground clearance to overcome any obstacles in their path (such as potholes or uneven pavement) and keep moving forward when faced with uneven ground conditions. Additionally the 4-wheel drive and large tires provide all the traction you need to move loads over soft or difficult terrain (such as mud, sand, grass, gravel, etc.). Our engineers have developed equipment with optimized torque for significant tractive force while maintaining an excellent weight/power ratio, balanced weight distribution for each axle and low ground pressure.

Smoothness & Precision
• Some sectors require smoothness and precision when approaching loads; occasionally caution is required or a load needs moving from a tight space as well. Certain Manitou machines come equipped with power steering, sharp turning radii, inching pedals and/or hydrostatic transmissions to make approaching loads as smooth as possible for you.

4 Wheel Drive & 3 Steering Modes
• All Manitou machines that come equipped with 4-wheel drive are true all-terrain vehicles. Combined with a generous ground clearance, they allow you to get out of all manner of sticky maneuvering situations and keep performance levels high.

Telescopic Stabilizers
• Telescopic stabilizers (outriggers) offer the same benefits as classic stabilizers: an increased load chart and improved ground stability along with easy movement of the center of gravity. The main advantage of using telescopic stabilizers (duplex or triplex) is the ability to individually deploy each of the 4 stabilizers based on the working environment (drain covers, walls, fencing, cables, etc.) so you have the optimum load chart for your current position. And of course once finished, the stabilizers retract back into the main frame of the machine.

Easy to Use
• Our machines are designed bearing simplicity and particularly ease of use in mind. Whether you are just the buyer or buyer and user, you know exactly how important being able to quickly come to grips with a new machine, as on-site productivity waits for no man. With our machines you'll be on board and off in no time, even if you are a novice operator.

• Comfort is not a luxury, it's your right: if you spend long hours working in front of the controls of a handling machine, then you know how the simple matter of adjusting your seat, controls or even your posture can be crucial in the long run. Manitou has endeavored to accommodate all shapes and sizes in often-times extreme working conditions with its designs. And whether this is in the form of anti-shock seats, adjustable controls, options such as air con/heating or even more sophisticated models such as pressured driver's cabs for dusty environments, we have standardized and optional solutions for each of your needs.


Lifting height
24.7 m | 81'0"
Lifting capacity
4999 kg | 11020.91 lb
Max reach
21.4 m | 70'3"
Drawbar pull
8700 dan | 19558 lbf
3.18 m | 10'5"
Moving speed
40 kmh | 24.85 mph


Length (up to the back of the fork)
7.84 m | 25'9"
Total length (fork included)
8.06 m | 26'5"
Wheelbase length
3.05 m | 10'0"
2.49 m | 8'2"
Overall width (stabilizers lowered)
5.55 m | 18'3"
3.05 m | 10'0"
Weight (unladen)
18900 kg | 41667.37 lb
Turning radius
6.55 m | 21'6"
Ground clearance
0.35 m | 1'2"

Engine / Battery

Engine brand
Engine type
Stage IV / Tier 4 Final
Engine manufacturer type
OM 934 E4-5
156 ch | 156 hp | 115 KW
Max. Torque @ Rotation
675 Nm @ 1500 tr/min
Number of cylinders
Total capacity
5130 cm3 | 313 in3
24 V
120 Ah
Transmission type


115 l/min
275 bars
Hydraulic oil tank volume
225 l | 59.44 gal

Other specifications

Standard tires
Number of wheels (front/rear)
Number of drive wheels (front/rear)
Number of steering wheels (front/rear)
Tire dimensions (front)
445/65 R22.5
Tire dimensions (rear)
445/65 R22.5
Driving position noise levels
77.4 dB
Environmental noise levels
107 dB
Vibrations affecting hands/arms
<2.5 m/s