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2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at
2017 GLEANER S97 at www.binkleyhurst.com2017 GLEANER S97 at

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Since the introduction of the S Series combine platform in 2011, Gleaner has built an incredible reputation for what is important to farmers when it comes to harvesting, such as capacity, grain quality, low loss levels, reduced compaction and serviceability.

The S9 Series is the culmination of millions of dollars of investment and a new generation of leadership that builds on the strong attributes of our previous models but adds more optimum harvesting performance, technology, comfort and convenience to take our current and future owners to a level not offered on any other combine.

Vision™ Cab Operator Environment
The Vision™ Cab features 15% more volume than the Comfortech™ cab it replaces. Visibility is enhanced with total glass area of 66 ft2 and front glass area was increased by 22% to 32.9 ft2 for unmatched visibility. Gleaner operators will experience industry-leading comfort and convenience with ergonomic control placement and access.

Feederhouse Optimization
Gleaner's unique Natural Flow™ process has been enhanced with a number of changes to optimize performance and improve feeding capacity in difficult crop conditions such as heavy canola swaths and green stem soybeans, where uneven feeding can occur. The feederhouse floor has been lowered by half an inch and the feederhouse runners and torque tube were raised an inch, resulting in better control of the crop and even feeding.

Automated Drives
The S9 Series employs new hydraulics for the propel drive and new electronics for gearshift and parking break, eliminating all cables and linkage and providing total operator convenience.

Tyton Terminal
The Vision™ cab features our new Tyton™ terminal, with four quandrants, easier-to-read Gleaner specific graphics and easier, simplified navigation through the screens. The Tyton™ terminal is an intuitive yet powerful tool for making decisions to increase performance in real time.

Live Yield Mapping
The Gleaner S9 Series features live yield mapping, providing improved access to farm data to make more informed business decisions, resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability. Gleaner offers two choices of yield monitoring hardware from the factory; AGCO's FieldStar™ Live or AgLeader®.

Gleaner S9 combines include our Auto-Guide™ guidance system as standard equipment, featuring a NovAtel satellite receiver that comes from the factory set up for WAAS. The system integrates Auto-Guide™ control into the Tyton™ terminal and eliminates the need for a separate screen in the cab. Additionally, a Trimble Auto-Guide option is available from the factory to accommodate customers already utilizing Trimble electronics on their operation.

What's New for 2017
Updated Feeder Jackshaft Bearing
The feeder jackshaft bearing size has been increased 50% for improved system reliability and durability. In order to accommodate the larger bearing size increase, the mainframe has also been redesigned.

Updated Main Drive Belt Design
The main drive belt idler has been changed to incorporate a rubber stop inside the tensioner and now utilizes a compression spring. This design update improves reliability of the belt tensioner assembly.

Improved DEF Quality Sensor
A new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) quality sensor has been selected in order to improve reliability. This new sensor reduces downtime as well as ensures the DEF system consistently performs at optimum levels.

Standard XR Proportional Propel
The XR proportional propel is now standard equipment for 2017. The proportional propel allows the combine to automatically shift between two ranges. This provides the torque needed to power through tough conditions or the high road speed needed to quickly move from field to field.

Optional Ladder & Platform Updates
An optional powerfold ladder is now available for 2017 S9 Series combines. This ladder folds vertically rather than swiveling horizontally. The ladder and platform tread pattern has also been updated to include a large-hole dimple pattern. The larger holes promote air flow, reducing build up of material.

Standard Auto-Guide™
The NovAtel™ sub-meter Auto-Guide™ steering system is now standard equipment. All S9 Series combines are now factory ready with Auto-Guide steering and live yield mapping via the Tyton™ terminal.

Updated Rotor & Cage
Three flights and mounts are now incorporated on the concave side of the rotor. The addition of these flights promotes rotor conveyance in tough green crop conditions. This improves crop flow from the threshing to the separation area. The discharge end of the rotor now includes a “corn ring” to help move crop around the cage. This promotes proper crop flow from the separation area of the rotor into the discharge.

Feeding System

Chain size
#557 serrated
Variable speed drive
Feed reverser
Electro-hydraulic, #60 chain
Housing width in. (cm)
39.5 (100.3)
Smartrac lateral tilt

Threshing/ Separation System

Transverse rotor
Concave type
4 sections with 17 bars
Concave wrap
Rock protection
Stone trap

Rotor/ Cylinder/ Threshing

Bars; type
Chrome, reversible
Diameter in. (m)
30 (7.62)
Length in. (m)
88 (2.2)
Separation area
Speed, low range RPM
Speed, high range RPM
Concave area in² (m²)
960 (0.61)
Threshing and separating area in² (m²)
6,047 (3.89)

Cleaning System

Cleaning stages
Cascade pan in² (m²)
992 (0.63)
Chaffer area in² (m²)
3,889 (2.51)
Sieve area in² (m²)
3,397 (2.19)
Total area in² (m²)
8,721 (5.62)
Max. Cleaning fan speed RPM
Cleaning fan diameter in. (mm)
13 (330)

Grain Handling System

Tank capacity bu (L)
390 (13,743)
Unloading Auger Diameter in. (cm)
14 (35.6)
Unload rate bu/sec (L/s)
4.0 (141)
Length from centerline in. (m)
298 (7.56)
Discharge height in. (m)
185.5 (4.712)
Clearance height in. (m)
169.5 (4.305)

Crop Residue Disposal

2 speed, 24-knife, FineCut II
Maximum chopper speed RPM
Straw spreader
Hydraulic, Variable speed
Hydraulic chaff spreader


Displacement in³ (L)
598 (9.8L)
No. of cylinders/type
Horsepower @ 2,100 rpm SAE hp (kW)
375 (279.6)
Maximum boost hp (kW)
451 (336.3)
Fuel tank capacity gal (L)
230 (870.6)
DEF tank capacity gal (L)
24.5 (92.7)

Engine Cooling System

SmartCooling™ GEN 2 w/variable pitch and reversing capability

Drive/ Propulsion System

Transmission (Std.)
4-speed electronically shifted w/single speed hydrostatic
Proportional speed hydro transmission (Opt.)
4-speed w/automatic changes in speed and torque
Park brake
Electronically activated
Final drive type
Spur gear S-42
Tread width standard/reversed in. (m)
120/145 (3.05/3.65)

Steering Axle

Tread width adjustable axle in. (m)
119/143 (3.02/3.65)
Tread width RWA in. (m)
126/144 (3.20/3.65)
Steering type
Dual cylinder
Turning radius in. (m)
270 (6.85)

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic pump
Control valve
Tank capacity gal (L)
13 (49.2)

Cab and Controls

Interior volume ft³ (m³)
130 (3.68)
Total glass area ft² (m²)
66 (6.13)
Front glass area ft² (m²)
32.9 (3.05)


(8 halogen cab roof, 2 LED header, 2 LED row finder
Nightsight (Opt.)
(8 LED cab roof, 2 LED header, 2 LED row finder)
Standard Cab
High back/air ride, cloth seat | Standard lighting package | AM/FM, USB, Bluetooth (streaming only), weatherband, MP3 w/4 speakers) | Remote outdside mirrors
Deluxe Cab
Premier heated and cooled seat | Nightsight lighting package | AM/FM, CD, Satellite-ready, weather band, MP3, Bluetooth head unit and 4 Kicker speakers w/subwoofer | Cooler | Remote heated outside mirrors


Glass w/LED backlighting and touch control
Size in. (cm)
10.4 (26.4)
Display area in² (cm²)
51.7 (333)
Camera-ready for operating 2 cameras through Tyton terminal, 2 brackets (rear beacon light, grain bin extension & unloader tube) | Optional 4 camera-ready with AgCam 9” Quad monitor | Cameras/cable kit not included.

Yield Monitor

Fieldstar Live (Std.)
Yield and moisture sensors, live mapping data through Tyton terminal
Ag Leader Technology (Opt.)
Ag Leader yield and moisture sensors, live mapping data through Tyton terminal | Harness connection in cab for Interga or Versa monitor


Transport height in. (m)
141 (3.58)
Length w/o header in. (m)
339 (8.61)
Wheelbase in. (m)
134 (3.40)
Base weight with tires lb. (kg.)
32,220 (14,615)
Ground clearance in. (cm)
23.5 (59.7)

General Comments

AGCO may at any time, and from time to time, for technical or other necessary reasons, modify any of the data, specifications or warranty of the products described herein.