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Lititz, PA (800) 414-4705
Richland, PA (888) 414-7518
Dayton, VA (800) 735-3584
Rockingham, VA (888) 242-6424
Seaford, DE (866) 670-4705
Kennedyville, MD (888) 269-0372
Outback Toys (888) 414-4705

Powered Units Service

The goal of our service department is to assign a qualified technician to address every service need of our valued customers. We avail ourselves to training which is offered by our manufacturers, in order to stay abreast of today’s high-tech equipment.

Ray Rutt has spent more than 30 years as a technician at Binkley & Hurst. He has few peers when it comes to product knowledge and service.
Elvin Zimmerman has been a part of our service team for virtually all of his professional life. His expertise in mechanical service is obvious as he serves our clientele.

Contact Ray or Elvin at (800) 414-4705 to schedule service for your equipment!

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